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Alan Swisher
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A custom fit set of clubs for an ‘off the rack’ price. Call us for quality built, professionally fitted golf clubs.

At Alan’s Custom Clubs, we don’t believe that off-the-rack clubs fit. In this day and age of 46″ drivers, 44° pitching wedges, and arbitrary length changes, how is anyone supposed to play well with “off the rack” clubs?

If you are looking for a more enjoyable golf game, with fewer strokes – this is where we come in. Call us today at (307) 630-3111.

Inventory Reduction Sale

 I have too many shafts and putters!!

Make an appointment for a putter fitting – I can fit yours or a new one. All in stock putters will get special pricing in person only.

Now is a great time to replace any broken or bent shafts you may have. All in stock discontinued shafts will get special pricing on shaft and labor. All discounted pricing will be given in person only. Call and make an appointment at 307-630-3111 now.

I offer the Wishon brand of club heads, with many shafts and grips. One of the newer models are the:

**EQ1-NX Single Length irons Set
A Unique Set Design to be built to One Length for all Clubs to Deliver a Perfect Match of all Elements of Swing Feel for shot consistency. These heads are specially designed to be the same weight for use with shafts all the same length.

Of course we still have standard irons available, but if you have questions, Please call me at


What are your Golf Goals?

Longer Tee Shots
More drives in the Fairway
Longer and more accurate irons
More greens hit in regulation
Irons closer to the pin
Better Bunker play
Better Wedge play
Better Putting
Fewer 3 putts
More 1 putts
More enjoyable rounds
Beating your playing partners
Lower Scores
Lower handicaps
Career Best Rounds
Lose fewer golf balls

If these are your golfing goals, call me to schedule a fitting.


I Provide:

The Best Training…

Certified FlightScope Professional
KBS Custom Fitting Certificate.
GCA 2009 – 2010 Wyoming Clubmaker of the Year
AGCP Certified Level 10
Golf Clubmakers Association (GCA)
Golfsmith “Advanced Clubmaking, Fitting, & Repair”
Golfsmith “Complete Clubmaker” Training
OptimalFlight 2010 Certified

Call me today at (307) 630-3111.

The Best Equipment…

  • FlightScope® 3D Doppler Tracking Golf Radar
  • Mitchell Loft and Lie Bending Machine
  • Auditor Frequency Analyzer
  • Auditor MOI Club Scale
  • Digital Swingweight Scale
  • Shaft Extractor
  • Pro Spine Tool
  • Shop and Fitting Area

Call me today at (307) 630-3111.

The Best Components…

  • Tom Wishon Heads & Shafts
  • Accra, Fujikura, & Wishon Graphite Shafts
  • Golfpride, Star, Wishon, & Winn Grips

Call me today at (307) 630-3111.

Through a quality fitting session, I determine where you’re at, where you want to be, and how we can get you there through equipment changes.

Alan’s Custom Clubs is one of Arizona’s leading custom golf shop and fitting studio. Serving Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Apache Junction and the greater Phoenix area. Come by and try a custom fit golf club, or see me about your golf club repair.

I provide custom golf club fitting, custom golf club building from quality components, and do quality repairs on most golf clubs. I can also retrofit your existing clubs, if you have a fairly new set that you like. I offer personal attention to each customer and personally build all custom golf clubs.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ in custom golf clubs. The most visible differences are with golf shaft spining and golf club length—both the driver and putter have grown! The shaft alignment alone is well worth having a custom fitting, with a set custom built. This will orient the spine on the golf shaft, square with the face of the club, allowing the club head to come consistently back to ball in the correct position. Building the golf driver to the correct length, which is usually shorter than the off-the-rack clubs, will provide more consistent contact with the ball, which will in turn usually creates longer drives, with more of them in the fairway.

The PGA has determined that all levels of golfers, from high handicappers to par players, average 40% of score on putts. Doesn’t it make sense to have your putter fit to the correct length and lie? Putters also have loft! Call me for a putter fitting appointment now. Have your putter fit, or have me build you a custom putter at our fitting studio. Call me today at (307) 630-3111.

Chandler & East Valley - By appointment 
Call 307-630-3111


Alan Swisher
1621 E Harrison St
Chandler, AZ 85225

Phone: 307-630-3111